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Updated: Apr 14, 2020

See this basket? It sits beside my nightstand. It is full of journals. A few studies. A couple Bibles. Some loose papers.

These are Katie's writings.

Some are overflowing with words and thoughts. Others are only half full. Some include scribbles and doodles in pens of various colors. Others contain one hard truth after another, underlined for emphasis. Some are titled and dated, while others seem to run together. This journal was from camp. That journal captured her own blog posts. These papers were for a school assignment. That study was completed while she was undergoing chemotherapy. This entry was from the very day she relapsed. That one. Yep, that one was written the week before she died.

I have spent hours - perhaps days - of my life poring over these journals. I cannot explain the faith that is contained in that basket. Her faith. Her relationship with God. Not mine. That's why Katie's Story is just that: Katie's story. It is her story of faith. Her words taken from her journals.

I carefully chose the writings to share in the book because I desperately want you to see this girl's heart. Oh, I know she wasn't perfect. I can elucidate her weaknesses almost as easily as I can identify her strengths. However, as I read her journals over and again, what stands out is her desire to honor God through her life. To be more like him. To show Jesus to others.

Katie said it best herself. Let God's light shine in me.

Katie captioned her own story by the way she lived her life. It seems fitting that the written version of her story should be titled the same. Katie's Story: Let God's Light Shine In Me.

This is the cover for Katie's and my book. I am excited to share it with you because it represents her so well. It is bright with her favorite colors. It is bright with her fun and enthusiasm. It is bright with hope and light. I want you to look forward to reading it as much as I look forward to giving it to you. In just a few short weeks.

When Katie was sick, the theme that encircled her was Be Strong and Courageous. It was the phrase on her shirts, and it was fitting for her battle against cancer. Occasionally, I still see a purple Team Katie shirt being worn at the park or around town, and it reminds me that she didn't fight alone. But please do not feel bad if you are ready to put that shirt away. It's okay. Katie's story is different now. And the shirt can be, too. You can replace the rally to fight with an exclamation to live.

#letGodslightshineinme. That's the story of Katie's life. It can be the story of yours, too.

If you want to gear up for the story of your life, check out the SHOP tab on the homepage. By the way, these wearables are not for any profit on our part. We simply want to use whatever means we have to point to Jesus and to continue to donate to a variety of organizations that support research, support and hope for pediatric cancer patients.

And keep following me here to be the first to know when Katie's Story becomes available.

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