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As Katie's Story moves into publication, I want to share something very unique and super incredible with you. Something I did not even know was possible. Something my friend made for Katie and me.

A new font.

I know. You're probably like... okay... and?

Granted, it may not seem that remarkable to you, but it really is pretty incredible to me. This is Katie's font, and it is based on Katie's own handwriting. And it is pretty close to the real thing.

As I compiled her parts of the book, copying the words out of her journals, I kept thinking a component was missing. A little bit of our makeup tends to show up in our handwriting style, and I wanted that to be shared somehow in Katie's sections. However, including pictures of her journal pages did not seem the most fitting way to do that. As I shared my conundrum with a friend, he offered to create a font based on her handwriting. Create a font? I asked. How do you do that?

Well, I still cannot tell you exactly how, but Bob did it. He took Katie's journals and found examples of each letter, each number, each heart and star and smiley face. Then he used those to build a font which almost perfectly resembles her actual handwriting. And I am so excited for you to see it!

So in a few weeks, as you open Katie's Story and begin to read her journal entries - in her own handwriting - I hope it will add an element of her personality to the words on the page. I want you to hear this girl share her heart for Jesus in every way possible. My desire is that Katie's words are reproduced in the handwriting and lives of others:


Due to the adjustments in all workforces in recent months, the release of Katie's Story has been delayed just a bit. However, we are hopeful you can have it in your hands in 2-4 weeks. I will certainly make an announcement here as soon as it is available. Also look for other launch happenings such as a Facebook Live and drive up book sale/signing events.

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