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Let God's light shine in me

Let your light shine before men,

that they may see your good deeds

and praise your Father in heaven.


Matthew 5:16

Katie’s Story is the true story of Katie Cobb:  who she was, how she fought cancer, and the depth of her faith. The manuscript reads quickly, alternating between vignettes written by Sarah and thoughts on faith written by Katie, her 14-year-old daughter who battled Hodgkin Lymphoma. The vignettes, told from Sarah’s perspective, allow the reader to connect with Katie and really know her versus simply knowing about her. Some reveal the essence of who Katie was while others describe the pain of childhood cancer. The thoughts on faith are Katie’s own words taken directly from her journals, revealing a relationship with God which enabled her to walk with grace through the most difficult journey. Her words reveal the light of Christ that lived in her and shone through her.


It is often the stories of people who live by faith that incite growth in our own spiritual journey, whether those stories are recorded in the Bible or shared across a table at dinner. In the same way, Katie’s story inspires a life lived closer to God. Her story is full of pain and joy, doubt and hope, darkness and light. It is full of faith.

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